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Introducing Edi Health

Real ingredients. Real food. Real life.

Try our favorite ingredients and products from around the world — without the high price tag or jet lag.

About Edi Health

We believe that food has the power to heal and make you feel good from the inside out. And we’re just as passionate about sharing our knowledge as we are our products.

We only feature the best ingredients and products — ones that are minimally processed, nutrient-dense, and low in total sugar. We combine these products with expert-backed information, serving suggestions, and chef-curated recipes, so you get everything you need in one place.

How it works

Your monthly subscription gets you access to the Edi Box, our power-packed, expert-backed selection of the best products from the best brands around the globe.

What's in the Edi Box?

  • a selection of sample-sized products, hand-selected based on your personal health and wellness goals
  • an information card with an overview of the featured products, serving size, and serving suggestions
  • occasional bonus items

All this is delivered right to your door for $29/month. And the service doesn’t stop there. Each month, we’ll feature chef-curated recipes for your products in our email newsletter, blog, and Instagram feed.



  • Expert-backed information
  • Easy-to-follow recipes
  • Health + wellness articles


  • Hand-selected just for you
  • 5+ sample-size products a month
  • Serving suggestions and recipes


  • Found something you love? Shop our collection of full-size products in our online marketplace

Pre-order your Edi Box today and you’ll get a free, limited-edition tote bag as a special thank-you. You won’t be charged yet for your subscription, just for shipping on the tote bag.

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"As a dietitian there are always so many food trends to stay up to date with. Edi Health does the research for you, and ships to your door. With amazing products and instructions on how to use them and their benefits, eating in a way that makes me feel my best just got a lot easier."

- Hannah Lochner, RD New Mexico

"I loved the variety- from more common items like green tea to less common like spirulina. I think the inclusion of recipes and information was my favorite part — I can't tell you how many times I've gotten a random sample and never used it but the instructions take some of the 'thinking' out of it and make it fun."

- Haley Knauer New York

"The products bring fun variety to my day-to-day diet by adding great flavor and nutrients. This not only brings more awareness to my health, but it helps me better appreciate the little moments in my day. It’s the best way to treat yourself!”

- Megan Mischinski Winston Salem, NC

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You won’t be charged yet for your subscription, just for shipping on the tote bag.

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Within 5–7 business days after we receive your pre-order.

I pre-ordered The Edi Box. When will it arrive?

Early fall of 2019. Thank you for your patience—we can’t wait to share Edi Health with you! xo

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