Matcha Potion

Matcha Potion

by The Potion Detox (Los Angeles)


The Matcha Potion helps cleanse and detoxifies the body from the inside out. This results in natural weight loss, more energy, and a faster metabolism. The nutrients in this blend help your body operate correctly while helping you feel healthy and crave foods that nourish your body. The Matcha Potion stimulates your stomach to formulate extra enzymes which assist the food you eat to break down and digest properly and more easily.

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The Potion Detox blends are all organically formulated with zero additives and zero sweeteners. Each flavor is microscopically made in order to create stimulation to the digestive system, which prepares the body to absorb all the nutrients extracted from each superfood. The Potion Detox blends are scientifically designed in a way that gives the body an instant energy boost all day long and speeds up the metabolism while cleansing the body. Their blends add so many vitamins and minerals to anything you add it to, and the best part is that it not only enhances your health but also enhances the taste and texture of what you are making. The Potion Detox formulated a powerful blend of nutritious ingredients conveniently packaged, to deliver the ultimate snack/meal to have you feeling and looking your best.


Beetroot Extract, Matcha Green Tea, Goji Berry Extract, Chlorella, Wheat Grass, Spirulina, Ginger Root

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Ways to Use It

The Potion Detox’s mission is to provide effortless health anywhere and everywhere you go. The Potion could go into almost all recipes; breakfast, lunch, or dinner! You can explore all of the options and add it to all of your amazing creations.


Is the Matcha Potion good for my digestive health?  

The Matcha Potion is a digestive enzyme and is an incredible way to assist your body with healthy digestion. The minerals and vitamins in this blend are the best for de-bloating. The superfoods feed off of each other and have a high fiber content that stimulates your stomach into making extra enzymes to help you break down the food you eat throughout the day.  

What other ways do you recommend using The Potion?  

We sprinkle magic onto everything! The Matcha Potion could be added to pasta sauce to get those extra greens into your daily diet as well as The Protein Potion. Our Protein Potion is completely plant-based so it mixes in really well with other foods. It helps muscle recovery and gives you all the fiber you need daily! The Chocolate Potion is our go-to when making desserts, or mini energy bits where we combine The Chocolate and Protein Potion together. You can get creative and add these blends to almost anything!

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